O’ahu Solar Panel Cleaning

From homes to businesses, many are starting, or continuing to invest in renewable energy sources. So, it makes sense with all the sunshine the Islands receive that many residents and business owners find themselves adapting with the installation of solar panels. After all the research, purchasing, installation, and time that goes into adding panels, it only makes sense to plan for their proper care and maintenance.

Professional cleaning on solar panels in O'ahu
O’ahu Pressure Washing ☀ (808) 463-7166
This line of solar panels gets a regular cleaning to keep the build up at bay.

Sparkle and Shine

By scheduling a regular cleaning for your solar panels you can increase their efficiency and save money. Simultaneously, you help to sustain energy values and resources. O’ahu Pressure Washing Services, from Maui Pressure Washing LLC., specializes in taking care of your cleaning needs.

With decades of experience, local knowledge and know-how, we provide above industry standard cleaning services to the O’ahu community. Whether you have a large scale panel spread or are trying out a new single panel system, we have the services and care you need. No matter the size of the job, O’ahu Pressure Washing is sure to do it right.

clean solar panels on roof
O’ahu Pressure Washing ☀ (808) 463-7166
Let the sunshine in with a fresh clean

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At an affordable rate, we come to you, and provide high quality services backed with specialized techniques. Looking to have a regular scheduled cleaning and get an idea of what fits your budget? Contact Us to set up a free estimate and see how our flexibility can fit your needs. O’ahu can grow gardens in just days or weeks, make sure they aren’t on your solar panels.